RSS Feeds

IOL's RSS feed is free content from your favourite Independent websites to your feed reader. Our feed contains headlines, a summary or teaser paragraph, and a link to the article on the website.

You are also welcome to use our RSS feeds to display our content on your website, but only if your website is not used for commercial purposes.

For commercial use of our RSS feeds, please contact us. See our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Accessing our feed links

Below are a number of examples of the feed links. Any section on our web site may be accessed as an RSS feed, so use our section structure for reference.

The feed link format is as follows:{title | section}[/{section}...]

Example of a section on IOL:

Example of a title/section on IOL:

See further examples below for the format, and the Titles available.

Extended Feeds

We offer an extended version of the same feeds to include extra fields or more of the article content. See the examples below. The feed link format is as follows:{TitleKey}/{section}[/{section}...]

Titlekeys available (for titles linked within IOL)

Example of a TitleKey/section for a Title linked with IOL (Isolezwe):

Extended feeds are similarly available here as above.

Titlekey Publication Name
nq Ilisolezwe
no Isolezwe